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(Founder and Presider)

H. Samuel Powell

A dedicated student of The Word, an undying passion for souls, a preacher with power, a man who is led by the Holy Spirit are some accurate descriptions of Bishop H. Samuel Powell. 

Bishop Powell is a seasoned Minister of the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ that functions within his office and call with clarity and alacrity.

Some of the ecclesiastical offices held by Bishop Powell before The Lord called him into Pastoral Work included but are not limited to:Musician, Sunday School Teacher, Youth President, International Evangelist, Pastoral Counsellor, Seminar Facilitator and Conference Speaker.

Bishop Powell believes inherently the words in the New Testament Holy Writ that the entire Host of Heaven rejoices over ONE SINNER THAT REPENTETH!!!!!!!! 

This has caused him consequently to attach vital importance to souls whether they are one or many. This has seen Bishop travel thousands of miles to baptize one person. 

Bishop Powell preaches with strong emphasis on FAITH with the application of the WORD to one’s everyday life. As the Scripture declares: “The just shall live by his Faith”; believing that one’s faith must work in their daily life and as the Scripture avers: Faith without Works is DEAD. Consequently because of continued faith in the word of the Almighty God there have been countless testimonies of Healing and deliverance through this Ministry. As Jesus rightly declared: “And these signs shall follow them that believe……………………”

With the technological advances we now have that are far superior to the first century Church modes of transport that included the feet, rudimentary ships, donkeys, chariots!!!!!!!! Bishop believes there should be no reason we cannot fulfil the command of Jesus to GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL. "Jesus only had a donkey, what's your excuse?" . 

Bishop Powell is eternally grateful to Almighty God for the opportunity to serve him in all capacities including offering Spiritual Covering, Words of Wisdom, and Spiritual Counsel to many within differing parts of the world and at differing levels of The Body of Christ. 

He is a man given to much Fasting and Prayer, as he firmly believes the words of Jesus that redounded: "without me ye can do nothing". 

Bishop Powell is married to the incomparable Evangelist R.A Powell. A woman who he avers often: “Has no equal"

Bishop Powell continues to travel extensively both Preaching the undiluted Word of Almighty God and Teaching the oneness of God, emphasizing sound doctrine with much clarity in the absence of compromise.

To experience a life changing and an anointed word from Bishop H.Samuel Powell.

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Our First Lady


R. A. Powell


Strong, Dedicated, Faithful, Fire Brand are a few words that describes Evangelist Powell. She has been blessed with wisdom beyond her years. She is engaging, vivacious but most of all virtuous. She has been blessed and gifted with all attributes that encompass a Proverbs 31 woman.

Evangelist Powell has been saved from her infancy and has held many offices including:
National Choir Director, Singer- Songwriter, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader, International Evangelist, Seminar Facilitator and Conference Speaker.

She is a woman that is consecrated to Almighty God and Preaches the Gospel with rich resolution resolve and fervour.

To experience a life changing and an anointed word from Evangelist R.A. Powell.

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